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Over the years (aka centuries in ad years) we have developed viral campaigns, designed beautiful sites, run successful social media pages… and many, many, way many more. If you believe in love at first sight contact us here. Or see more of our work down below.

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bring them back
Bring them back

Bring them Back is the biggest and most viral Greek campaign, ever!
Back in 2012, 7indigo’s people needed to do something for the Parthenon marbles issue. This move was not corporate at all. It was from the bottom of our hearts and it had a very specific goal: gain signatures and bring the issue up to the European Commission. In order to see the monument whole again.

coca cola διαφημιση
Coca-Cola zero

Coca-Cola Co., needed something new, something definitely not borrowed and something… hot red!
Something refreshingly digital and tailor made for its audience.
7indigo delivered. The first, ever, online interactive comic with the user being the protagonist. Kaboom!

mobile marketing
Western Union – Paylink

Western Union – Paylink needed an online fix.
A highly usable, reliable for money transfers, and easy for all devices, website.
7indigo replied with a responsive to all devices, website without sacrificing usability at all. Cha-ching done right!

fisher-price καμπανια

Fisher-Price’s Greek Facebook page was non-existent.
7indigo managed not only to raise the fan base to 50.000 likes, in just a month and a half, but to achieve awesome targeting.
Fisher-Price didn’t need “just” fans. Mommies and gift-givers are its core audience. 7indigo’s campaigns were not “like” campaigns (we hate that) but targeted marketing campaigns dressed in pretty ideas, leading to retail sales. Coupons and newsletter strategy were added to the mix and… yay!